The Clean Energy Report represents an effort by a small group at the George Mason University School of Public Policy to estimate the size and sketch the contours of the “clean energy economy” of northern Virginia. It is, by any definition, a rough draft. We relied on publicly available data in order to identify firms, government agencies, and other organizations that contribute to improving the region’s energy efficiency and expanding its renewable energy use. We have sought to make our methods and findings as transparent as possible.

Although we wish it were not so, we are sure that the report contains errors of omission and commission. Errors of omission may be the result of weaknesses in our methods for finding participants in the clean energy economy or the lack of publicly available information about these participants. Errors of commission involve mistakes in the information that we have collected, either through our own handling of it or because the available information is erroneous or obsolete.

We have posted each chapter of the Clean Energy Report on individual pages within this website and we invite your comments and corrections.  Each page offers you the opportunity to post your contributions there, so that they can be viewed by others interested in the subject and incorporated into any future versions of this report.

Please click here to view and comment on the Clean Energy Report documents.

David M. Hart
Director, Center for Science and Technology Policy
Co-Director, Center for Energy Science and Policy
School of Public Policy
George Mason University